All projects are approached on the basis of academic research and stylistic understanding, seeking to consolidate earlier work within a framework of aesthetic and architectural ideas unique to each project.

We accept no distinction between the design of new buildings or elements and the restoration or repair of historic structures. This emphasis on design applies to everything we do, from the smallest building repair to major projects and to our consultancy services.

Historic buildings work is not simply an archaeological exercise but rather the re-presentation of architecture from earlier generations, encompassing the beautiful accretions of time in a way that is valid to its present day uses. This requires the understanding of a designer and the expertise of a craftsman.

Repair and restoration, together with traditional craftsmanship and twentieth century technology are equally valid responses in their appropriate contexts. Ours is an approach that allows both respect for the work of others and our own contribution of elements or buildings of a contemporary character.

It allows us to work constructively with other professionals and to help clients, be they institutional, developer, public sector or private individuals, to find ways to capitalize on their asset.

Much of our work is supported by grant-giving agencies and has been recognised with numerous national and international awards for excellence in design, conservation and craftsmanship since the practice’s inception on the mid-1970s.